A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

JUKAYA is an on-rails endless shooter in the vein of the classics with a heavy emphasis on Vaporwave visuals and sound. The game consists of surviving increasingly intense waves of enemies in an attempt to stave off the inevitable setting of the Vaporwave sun.


  • Pilot the Vaporwing and blast the hell out of weird and wonderful pixellated enemies
  • A dynamic difficulty that increases the longer you play
  • Bask in the timeless aesthetic of a surreal Vaporwave world, designed by pixel artist Sivert Natanael Hjortland
  • Experience the haunting, nostalgic soundtrack by Norwegian Vaporwave artist YIFFØ
  • Navigate an archaic desktop, complete with weird and suspect programs that may or may not give you nightmares

Original Soundtrack

The OST for JUKAYA is available for download and purchase at https://yiffoo.bandcamp.com/album/jukaya-ost.

Install instructions

Simply download and extract with your favourite extracting tool!


Jukaya 57 MB
JUKAYA.app.zip 61 MB

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